Stay focused and remember that girls can do better .Women do have mental strength, if they didn't, then they wouldn't have invented the many inventions that make our life easy. Just to name you a few of the remarkable inventions that women have invented, windshield wiper, spacesuits, disposable cell phone, dishwasher,and much much more.

WOMEN are as capable as MEN?

For your information women do have the courage to speak up. Women don't just blab stuff out, they take their time, and think before they say something. When you are saying that girls loose while playing boys vs girls you are wrong again. Roshan, you are probably talking about the girls in our school or the schools you have previously gone to. But you don't know what happens in other schools while they are playing boys vs girls. Maybe the girls beat the boys then.So you don't have full proof if girls always loose.And yes I'm sure men can't handle the pain that many women go through, but the least you can do is be more considerate and change your opinion on women!

Everyone deserves to be treated the same


For the past centuries women have been considered second class citizens. The queston 'why' comes in mind. Its not as if women have a disability. They are as capable as men. In some places women are not allowed to have a proper education, because their brothers educations come first. This isn't fare!!!! Women can achieve as well as any men. Everyone should get an opportunity, to prove what they can and can't do so it shouldn't be decided on their gender.
Many people take women for granded. For example they think that they are too weak to defend themselves. Some people don't look at they qualities, and respect them. In some countries women are treated so bad that it is very common for a female to get sexually abused.
Women should also be allowed to pick their careers. Their shouldn't be a difference between male jobs, and female jobs. Who decide what job is what job. We do!!! How can anyone prove that just because most women don't have as strong muscles as men that they can't work on a career.
In the past years this has happened, mostly because the women depended on the men. Everyday the men came tired from a days worth of work outside the house, while the women were tired of the work inside the house. So it balanced it out. The discrimination shouldn't have done happened back then either. This has changed in some parts of the world, where women are getting a say of how they want to run their lives. We could change the future, because we are the future. One step at a time women will work their way up so that they are treated as equally as the men. (And who knows maybe we will get as far as a first women prime minster) Everyone deserves to be treated the same.


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